OCamlMatrimandir Welcome to the first OCaml Retreat at Auroville, India.

This is a week-long hacking retreat, organised by Tarides, and inspired by the Mirage Retreats. During the event, we hope to work on a variety of OCaml projects, including but not limited to the compiler, concurrency libraries, platform tooling, and benchmarking. It’s perfectly fine if you’d like to work on your own project.

HackaCamel is a collection of ideas, small and large, to work on during the retreat and beyond.


La Vie en Rose, Auroville. Google map pin: https://maps.app.goo.gl/SjnuwuMD8qTGsFp6A.


March 10th 2024 to March 15th 2024

Target audience

This retreat is designed for those interested in working on OCaml projects. While OCaml experience is not strictly necessary, familiarity with coding in OCaml is beneficial. We recommend reviewing the CS3100 course assignments beforehand.


Registrations are closed for the current retreat. Watch out this space for future retreats.

For attendees